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Trend Watch: Flowers make any wardrobe bloom

2020-03-02 15:18:04

After a two-month war against the epidemic, we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Over 1,000 scenic spots waive entry fees for medics

2020-02-28 15:47:44

After the novel coronavirus outbreak, many scenic spots in China have decided to waive entrance fees for the country's medical workers in a gesture of gratitude for their efforts and sacrifices at the front line of the epidemic fight.

Chinese bronze artwork exhibition held in Houston

2020-03-02 09:00:00

An exhibition of ancient Chinese bronze artwork is open to public on Saturday at Asia Society Texas Center (ASTC) in Houston, Texas, the US.

Try classical indoor exercise:Tai chi

2020-03-02 07:39:46

Exercising regularly is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. But the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has kept millions of people from partaking in outdoor activities since late January.

Dutch architect's show highlights rural development in China

2020-03-02 07:13:14

An ongoing exhibition presented by renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas in New York City highlights how China has been dramatically redefining its vast countryside with continuous investment in infrastructure and efforts toward poverty alleviation.

Mongolia shows solidarity with China in fighting against COVID-19

2020-02-28 09:00:00

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in China, Mongolian leaders, representatives from various sectors, students and even children have been expressing solidarity with China in its battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Abominable director puts modern China firmly in the picture

2020-02-28 08:26:30

LOS ANGELES-"I wanted to make sure the rest of the world saw a true representation of modern China and the people who live there," Jill Culton, writer and director of the highly successful US-China production Abominable, says in a recent interview.

Culture sector takes hit but remains resilient

2020-02-28 08:18:35

A recent research study, published on Guangming Daily's website, estimates that the direct loss to the cultural industry during the novel coronavirus epidemic before June could reach more than 1,259 billion yuan ($180 billion).

Colombian classroom marks Year of Rat, cheers for China

2020-02-27 17:10:10

Confucius classroom at the Montessori School of Colombia in Bogota launched its annual Chinese New Year celebrations with the aim to cheer for China, which is still battling against the coronavirus epidemic.

Honoring heroes with ink

2020-02-27 10:41:46

While thumbing through the recent work of Chinese contemporary artist Shu Yong, viewers will find it hard not to be awestruck. Towering mountains created in the style of traditional Chinese ink painting assumethe forms of grim human faces or a clasped fist.

Sudan college supports China through cutural exhibition

2020-02-27 10:00:18

Teachers and students of Chinese at the University of Khartoum in Sudan support epidemic-stricken China through an exhibition featuring Chinese culture,Feb 25, 2020.

Beijing issues rules for movie theaters to resume business

2020-02-27 09:28:16

Filmgoers will have to space themselves in seating and register to purchase tickets in the initial stage of business resumption for the film industry, according to a notice released by the Beijing Center for Disease Control yesterday.

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