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Bangladeshis send warm support to Chinese people

2020-03-05 13:30:00

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Bangladeshis have been extending love and support to the people in Wuhan and all around China, which shows the deep friendship between the two peoples.

Canada children's choir sings new song to cheer for Wuhan

2020-03-03 10:41:02

The C5 Canadian children's choir, a musical group of Chinese Canadian youngsters, performs a new song dedicated to the city of Wuhan.

Self-made sugarman

2020-03-03 08:45:09

Louis To, aka Sugarman, is a self-made sugar art master in Hong Kong. He is one of the very few artisans in the city that still perform the centuries-old folk art for people. Kneading out animal figures from hot sugar, Louis pursues the joy of exchanging happiness with every customer.

Romanian children's choir supports China through music

2020-03-02 16:29:09

The melody goes on as the Allegretto children's choir performed a medley of Chinese songs Saturday to cheer China during the battle against the novel coronavirus.

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