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Modern technology a class act for distant schools

2020-01-08 07:58:27

Computers and the internet are opening up a world of online opportunities for students in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Blogger-author opens new chapter on marine biology

2020-01-08 07:44:55

You could say it comes naturally to Zhang Chenliang. Indeed, his moniker is "the man of natural history", or Bowu Jun in Chinese. This is no idle boast as the popular science blogger has 11 million followers on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

'Transformers' to join Chinese mythological icon 'Nezha' in new animation series

2019-12-12 09:24:43

American toymaker Hasbro's iconic Transformers will join the Chinese mythological figure Nezha in a new animated co-production, the company said Wednesday.

'Dilili in Paris' by legendary French animator to hit Chinese theaters

2019-12-12 08:30:00

Dilili in Paris, an animated adventure film written and directed by legendary French animator Michel Ocelot, is set for theatrical release in China on Dec 21, according to the film's official Weibo account.

Young vlogger tells story of China in picturesque videos

2019-12-11 14:41:31

Young vlogger Li Ziqi tells story of China in picturesque videos

A fresh look at a vibrant scene

2019-12-11 08:38:55

Master documentary maker switches from food to young people as he offers an appetizing glimpse of an evolving culture that is setting a trend, Chen Nan reports.

China's 'Game of Thrones' set for online release

2019-12-10 14:51:36

War of Seven Kingdoms, a documentary dubbed by some as a Chinese equivalent of Game of Thrones, will air on Tencent Video, a popular video streaming site, for its premium members on Dec 11.

'Downton Abbey' to hit big screen in China

2019-12-10 10:31:09

Downton Abbey, the first big-screen adaption of the British historical period drama television series of the same name, is set to hit the big screen in China on Friday, Dec 13, according to the China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association.

New style for Tibetan operas

2019-12-09 10:45:28

Tibetan Opera finally had the chance to stun audiences at the China Theatre Festival that closed in East China's Fuzhou in November, 10 years after it was inscribed in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list.

Hit TV series gathers over 70 veteran actors

2019-12-06 16:17:09

With a stellar cast of up to 72 established actors joining hands, the new TV series New Fortress Besieges has recently soared as one of the most popular dramas in December.

New 'Mulan' trailer released

2019-12-06 14:22:10

Disney released a new trailer for upcoming live-action feature Mulan, slated to hit the theaters in March next year.

New design store opens in Beijing

2019-12-06 10:35:08

Apartment101, a furniture store in Beijing, was formally opened at the end of November.

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