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A different Tibetan New Year amid epidemic

Updated: 2020-02-25 10:31:37

( Xinhua )

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The Tibetan New Year is a traditional festival of the Tibetan ethnic minority.[Photo/Xinhua]

Putting on new festive costumes and setting the table for a big New Year's feast, Yangjen Drolkar and his wife in Lhasa, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, are ready to celebrate the Tibetan New Year, which falls on Monday, in the traditional manner.

Only the room seems emptier.

"We decided not to let my son and his child come over to celebrate together," said Yangjen Drolkar. "Staying at home is making a contribution amid the epidemic. Everyone in the country being safe and sound beats anything else in the new year."

China is in a tough battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed 2,592 lives and infected 77,150 on the Chinese mainland by the end of Feb 23.

Though Tibet only reported one confirmed case and has not seen new reports of the novel coronavirus infection for over three weeks, local authorities are still on high alert.

Earlier on Feb 19, authorities in Tibet called on citizens not to hold or participate in group activities during the Tibetan New Year, a traditional festival of the Tibetan ethnic minority.

The district-level governments under the administration of Lhasa suspended gathering activities during the festival.

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