Chinese export porcelain at the heart of Milan exhibition
Stunning snow scenery captured in photos
A different Tibetan New Year amid epidemic
Nature photographer dedicates life to conservation
Kite cheering for China soars high in New Zealand
French photographer captures Beijing street scenes in unusual time

24 Solar Terms: 6 things you must know about Awakening of Insects

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Awakening of Insects (Chinese: 惊蛰) falls on March 5 and ends on March 19 this year.

Eminent artist opens online courses

At the beginning of his first livestream show on Feb 20, Han Meilin, the prominent artist and designer, joked about being a typical zhai nan, a pop-culture buzzword meaning a man who prefers staying at home.

Auction house helps fight coronavirus

On Tuesday, China Guardian, a major player in China’s art market, wrapped up its week-long online charity auction, attracting tens of thousands of viewers. Items donated by artists, collectors and art institutions from China and abroad were successfully auctioned off.

China-Indonesia friendship showcased in joint fight against COVID-19

"Indonesian government's foreign policy pursuing friendly cooperation with China and the friendship between the two peoples have been well reflected in the fight against COVID-19," Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Xiao Qian told Xinhua recently in an exclusive interview.

Thailand to embrace Chinese tourists after victory over COVID-19

When Thai tour guide Wanchai in the country's famous island destination Krabi entered the island's famous beach music festival that he attends every year, he was stopped at the entrance for body temperature check and hand hygiene.


Dream collection on show

An exhibition examining the cultural legacy of Cao Xueqin's literary masterwork Dream of the Red Chamber is now available at the National Museum of China website, Lin Qi reports.

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